Dental Care – The Importance Of Proper Oral Hygiene

Close up of perfect and healthy teeth with electric toothbrush

Dental care is more than just flossing and brushing the teeth. Oral hygiene is the act of keeping one’s mouth free from infection and disease by regularly brushing the teeth and scraping between the teeth. It is equally important that dental care is done on a routine basis to allow prevention of cavities and bad breath. Many people do not see dental care until a problem has manifested itself, or at worst, has become too painful to tolerate. For these unfortunate individuals, preventative care is the only recourse. Read more on dentist San Diego.

There are many types of dental care. Fluoride is one such method, albeit a controversial one. The use of fluoride to prevent tooth decay and oral diseases is not new; however, its introduction to the US in the 1940s was controversial. The United States had previously used chlorine as a method for controlling oral diseases, and fluoride was feared would react negatively with chlorine. It was discovered, after too many people suffered from tooth decay and other oral diseases, that fluoride was actually an effective antidote to such ailments. Today, almost all the public water contains some form of fluoride, and most dental care facilities across the country have switched to using fluoride products in their toothpaste.

Dentists generally agree that proper dental care is necessary to maintain overall health. Improper teeth alignment, cavities, gum disease, and poor dental health are all apparent indicators of overall poor dental health. People with poor oral health often experience pain throughout their lives; headaches, pain with moving jaws, neck pain, and even difficulty breathing can all indicate that dental care is needed. Overall health also reflects on the state of one’s gums.

Dental care includes not only routine dentist visits but also emergency care as well. Some dental visits may be more routine than others, but each should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid longer lasting or serious problems. Some people may not need dental visits for cleaning and other minor procedures every year. However, if a person suffers from deep gingivitis, which is characterized by swollen gums, bleeding gums, or severe discoloration, these should be addressed as soon as possible. In addition, in the case of a tooth emergency such as a broken tooth or a cavity, the sooner a person gets to the dentist, the less severe the damage will be to that tooth or teeth nearby.

As far as diet and nutrition go, it is difficult to say whether there is any correlation between diet and oral health. However, some experts believe that a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, along with plenty of whole grains and lean protein is a good way to start maintaining good oral health. By contrast, individuals who consume large amounts of fast food, refined carbohydrates, and sweets may want to consider taking a multivitamin supplement as well as participating in a daily oral hygiene regimen such as brushing and flossing.

Dental care is an important issue and requires some investment of time and money. However, many people take oral hygiene for granted and seldom think about flossing, brushing, or maintaining clean teeth. With the increasing number of serious dental problems, such as cavities, gum disease, and even lost teeth, this is definitely something everyone needs to think about. Dentists cannot make up for poor oral hygiene, so the responsibility falls on the individual to make sure they brush and floss regularly. Even if a person already has a beautiful smile, avoiding tooth decay can make all the difference between living a long and happy life and having to wear corrective dentures for the rest of your life. Read more on dentist Del Mar.

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